World Gone Wrong ?

Did you know the devastation in Huston is a byproduct of climate change and therefore, is our fault?  North Korea wants to start WWIII for no discernible reason, besides the apparent insanity of KJU.  Vladimir Putin is responsible for everything bad that happens.  America is being consumed by Nazism. Resistance must include the elimination of free speech and street brawling. Attempting to enforce immigration laws is a hate crime. Black Lives Matter when they are taken in a narrative friendly manner (at the hands of white police officers), but do not matter when taken in off narrative scenarios like inner city combat between rival gangs, or as part of ongoing ethnic cleansing operations in Libya, carried out by US trained and funded terror groups.

It is happening.  The American collective mind is unraveling.  The slide into mass psychosis is accelerating. and nothing can stop the derangement.

Right?  Well, maybe.

Stepping back, removing one’s nose from the hungry wood chipper of social media and cable news, is like flip switching between two universes.  Outside it’s mostly sunny.  There is a party tonight for a relocating coworker.  The Mariners could somehow stumble into the playoffs, despite absorbing the most injuries to a pitching staff in the history of baseball.  People are suffering horribly in Huston.  There are reports of both heroism and looting.  Life is churning along; the beauty, hard to fathom, the tragic, seeping in…and we do our best.  But, in the dark chute of the wood chipper, all human civility was terminated when B. Obama left office and Donald “The Cretin” Trump poisoned our collective soul with his toxic cocktail of hucksterism, proud ignorance, hate speech and hubris.

How does a nation that twice elected a half black man as President, explode with latent Nazism, ten months after he leaves office?

It doesn’t.

The American, or perhaps universal human tendency to go soft in the head when drowned in ginned up hysteria, leaves us susceptible to a kind of demarcated blindness in which ONLY the current media hype is relevant.  The hype exists outside of time and is therefore context free.  The hysterics explode in every direction and people are reminded, yet again, that they are essentially powerless.  This powerlessness increases the need for JUSTICE, leading to the consumption of more hysterical media, hoping against hope to score a terminal blow against INJUSTICE.  Every few weeks a knew locus of outrage adds another log to keep the fire blazing and lining the pockets of media moguls, teleprompter readers, bloggers, YouTube screamers and crazed radio hosts.

Here’s some context.  READ THIS.

To state the obvious- there will always be hate groups because there will always be disaffected people of one sort or another, in any society.  The dominant group becomes more dangerous, more susceptible to hateful ideologies when stressed enough, economically or otherwise.  If history is any gauge, their numbers will rise and fall according to perceived external stressors, or lack thereof.

Trump must be viewed with this in mind.  He is a symptom of multifaceted, mostly white rage- at its core- rage at a hopelessly corrupt political system, wage stagnation, skyrocketing costs of almost everything and a burgeoning cult of political correctness whose fuel is hatred of all things “white.”  White self loathing is all the rage now and whites are overdosing and killing themselves in record numbers.  It follows that the dregs of the dominate culture (whitey), will seek out like minded idiots to revel in asinine master race narrative in order to stave off the perceived destruction of the white race. They are delusional, dangerous and should be seen as a stark warning that something, or many things are going wrong.

Worse, Antifa’s proud usage of goonery and calls for the end of free speech, are unwittingly playing into the would be Nazi moron’s half baked narrative in which whites must crush lesser races who seek to destroy them.  I submit that the Antifa folks and the KKK/Nazis are both victims of twisted logic. One lives in a fantasy world where a supreme race exists to dominate all others, the other believes social justice can be achieved through violence and speech policing.  Both are subject to the same general economic stagnation and political disenfranchisement (real and perceived), and both serve the existing power structure they claim to be at war with,  by growing the level of divisiveness that serves keep us exactly where we are.

More worse, media as it exists today, is perfectly designed to fracture and derange groups of people more efficiently than ever before.  The scary question we have to ask ourselves is, is it too late?  Can we speak hard truths and be heard over the groaning masses on each side convinced the only answer now, is violence?

The vast majority are either completely tuned out or mildly traumatized, but not sufficiently enraged to do anything about…whatever locus of rage and terror is in service of the system this week.  This also serves to keep the power structure exactly as it is.  See how this works?